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"Heroine Make" Super WP Mascaras 

Heroine Make is legend among many of us Asian beauty bloggers because it’s one of those Japanese brands that makes eyeliners and mascaras that are virtually “bullet-proof”.

The mascaras have recently been updated and I just put them to the test. Heroine Make mascaras are famously/infamously hard to remove. WP means Waterproof, and they’re not kidding. You need an oil cleanser or a bifacil remover to remove these. Bioderma is NOT going to do the trick. They are tear, perspiration, water, and sebum resistant. 

The “Long & Curl” Super WP Mascara Flash-Review

Contains 5mm fibres to extend lashes; they do lengthen lashes and give a very clean and natural look, but if you don’t work fast, you DO get some tiny clumps along the length of the lashes.

Curved brush allows you to easily reach corner lashes, and also helps you to lift and curl your lashes during application.

Formula holds curl very well. I did not curl my lashes before use and the mascara managed to lift them. 

Expect clean fine length.

The “Volume & Curl” Super WP Mascara Flash-Review

Formulated with a special thickening powder to coat each lash for extra thickness. They DEFINITELY thicken, but you also get more noticeable clumps with this if you try to layer it.

Conical bristly brush grabs lots of lashes to deposit mascara quite evenly.

This formula doesn’t curl quite as well as the Long & Curl formula, but it definitely gives length even though that’s not one of the promises.

Expect drama.


Both can’t be layered. Or rather, you can layer them but they will probably turn into clumpy messes. The polymers set and dry, and unlike non-waterproof mascaras, the first coat doesn’t soften or dissolve when you apply a second. 

They are also a serious pain to remove - literally - without some sort of oil in your remover. But that means it’s good for those of you who have runny eyes or oily lids and get mascara smudges all the time.


I’d say my money’s on the Volume & Curl. You can see that it gives both volume AND length, and the brush also reaches and coats more lashes, so you look like you have a lot more. You definitely get much more NOTICEABLE lashes overall, and I’d actually say it’s a good all-rounder whether you want length or volume. 

Long & Curl is cleaner and subtler, but I know you girls. The bigger and fluffier the better.